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and other DJ entertainment like DJ Cheezo and DJ Era.
Eldos Arts and Jazz Festival celebrates their tenth year and goes big.

Our 10th Year!

Eldos Arts and Jazz Festival is undoubtedly the biggest community arts and jazz festival in the South of Johannesburg.

The festival caters for every Art lover with expressions ranging from Fine Art exhibitions, Theatre performances, Stand-up Comedy, intimate Jazz sessions and a Contemporary music concert.
The festival aims to highten the spirits of the community, who has frequently been potrayed negatively in the media in the past years. On Sunday 27 September 2015 the Eldorado Park soccer grounds in extension 6 willl come 'ALIVE' when we celebrate the festivals 10th anniversary.

In proud association with Arts Alive and The City Of Joburg, the festival provides a platform for local and international businesses at the festival to expose themselves to a diverse and growing community. The festival makes for an eclectic township festival experience creating harmony in diversity like no other in Joburg.

Whats in store for this year